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Ex-Executive Software Engineer


16 Years Property Agent Experience


Engaging the Right Agent is the Most Important Step

Whole Process of selling a property is NOT just only View-Sign-and-Handover-Keys, it involves careful Timeline, Planning, Financial Management, Preparation, Marketing, Buyer Qualifications, Viewing, Negotiation, Closing, Administration, Submission, Processing, Completion. In some cases when not handled properly, it can cause Stress, Hassle, Serious Delays or even Law-Suit !

Selling your property in Sengkang can be a Smooth and Hassle-free process if it is properly planned and executed.

Proper planning, effective strategies and careful executions are required to get your Property sold at the Highest possible price in the Fastest possible time.  And also ensuring a smooth transaction, enough funds for next purchase, and moving you from your current place to your next home in the most Efficient way for you.   

No Viewing, Not Enough Buyers. No Offer or Offers Too Low. No Feedback from Property Agent. These are typical issues many property sellers are facing.

Don't just engage a real estate agent just because he/she is your relative or your friend or your friend's friend.  Many sellers prefer a Professional Property Agent.  

Some agents or internet agency offers low commission to attract customers.   Most of the time, they will minimise effort, cut advertising and other working expenses, which result in poor response and low service quality and your property may end up in "Cold Room".  In some cases, they will force sellers to sell at lower prices, so that they can lower their expenses.

It is crucial that you get to know more about the Actual agent who will be representing you in the entire sale process.  Make sure he is a reliable and trusted professional property agent.  The property agent represent and act for you in your Best Interest, always putting your interest first.

Property sellers should engage a Reliable & Professional real estate agent based on their track records or performance, experience and knowledge and product specialization. 

While there are 30,000+ property agents in Singapore, about two-thirds are not really active, only one-third of the agents is active.  Some property agents are Part-timers with LITTLE or NO experience.  Some agents are not in the correct market segment. Do find out more on their product specialization ( i.e Rental or Sales, Commercial or HDB or Private Properties New Launch ). 

ENGAGE a SELLING Specialist to SELL or Engage a RENTAL Specialist to RENT. Don't Engage a RENTAL Specialist to SELL. A New Launch Property Agent (always stationed at Showflat) is also different from a Resale Property Agent.  Make Sure you check their track records and experience !!! 

Engage an Award Winning Professional Property Agent is winning at the starting point. Winning at Selling Property is not only Selling it, but selling it at the highest possible price at the fastest possible time!!! Leverage on the many years of Property Selling experience & knowledge of S.K.Yeo ERA.

16 years Full Time Experience

S.K.Yeo graduated from National University of Singapore (NUS) in 1995 and was an Executive Software Engineer before joining the Real Estate industry in 2006.  He was married in 2001 and has two teenage children ( Polytechnic & Army Boys).

Mutiple Award Winning Agent


S.K.Yeo has 16 years of Full Time experience as Property Agent since 2006.  He is experienced in handling Contra ( Buy & Sell at same time), Divorce, Bankruptcy, Letter of Admintration / Grant of Probate / Death / Order of Court cases.

Engaging S.K.Yeo as your Sengkang Property Agent means leveraging on his vast experience and knowledge of Selling a Property in Sengkang.  It will be absolutely stress-free for you as he will handle all details, heavy liftings, processes of your property sale for you.  Timeline, Planning, Preparation, Marketing, Buyer Qualifications, Viewing, Objection Handling, Negotiation, Administration, Submission, Processing, Completion and finally Handover. All Processes will be done professionally.

Many Satisfied Customers/ Testimonials

S.K.Yeo stays in Sengkang for 20+ years & Sold many properties in Sengkang/Punggol

S.K.Yeo stays in Sengkang for more than 20 years and in fact, many colleagues called him Seng Kang Yeo ( S. K. Yeo = Seng Kang Yeo).  He is Sengkang Resident Property Agent.

He stayed with his parents in Hougang before they moved together to Sengkang in 1999.  When he got married in 2001, he moved his new place in Sengkang near his parents. His family members also stays in Sengkang and has many friends in this area.

His wife Jacqueline ERA works with him together in the real estate business.  They are the Husband & Wife ERA team in Sengkang.

Sengkang is their home ground for more than 20 years!  They are intimately familiar with Sengkang neighbourhood, Rivervale, Compassvale, Anchorvale, Fernvale & Jalan Kayu.  They have sold many HDB flats and private properties in Sengkang & Punggol.

If your property is in Sengkang, you may not want to engage a Property Agent who is staying in Jurong, as some agents are not really familiar with Sengkang and its amenities.   Some agents may also feel it is a chore to travel a long distance from Jurong to Sengkang to conduct viewing or meet up the owners or buyers in Sengkang.  

As S.K.Yeo property business focus geographical area is this Sengkang neighbourhood, he has established a Personal Network of Co-broking Partner Agents as well as a Pool of Ready Buyers available in Sengkang.   This is certainly a great added advantage when it comes to Speed of Sale and Marketing effectiveness for your property in Sengkang.

Advanced Digital Marketing Capabilities

S.K.Yeo was an IT Executive Software Engineer before he joined real estate, and his IT background was an added advantage especially in this digital age.

Besides the regular exposure to property portals and ERA huge digital network, he is also savvy in facebook marketing / google / pinterest / social media marketing.

Largest International Real Estate Agency

ERA Singapore is the Largest International Real Estate / Property Agency in Singapore, with the proud reputation as the preferred real estate brand in Singapore.

ERA Singapore is a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of SGX Mainboard Listed, APAC Realty Ltd.  Since its inception in 1982, ERA has redefined industry standards for real estate concepts, technology, initiatives, and products 

ERA has more than 7600 Property Agents in Singapore, and it means if you engage S.K.Yeo ERA, you have 7600 more other agents looking for buyers for you.  This is the leverage power of a big company.  

ERA has its Own Building ERA APAC CENTRE with two in-house auditoriums that boast 400 seats. It has more than 150 dedicated office staff to support your agent with Legal / Valuation / Auction / Training Departments / Digital Technology Tools available.

Some small property companies has notorious reputations, and are shunned by buyers and cobroke property agents.  This will reduce the pool of buyers viewing your property.  Select an agent from a reputable & well known property company to represent you for the sale of your property in Sengkang.

By leveraging the ERA’s Superior Branding, Wider Company Network & Extensive high quality support,  your property will be well positioned to gain Wider Marketing Reach through S.K.Yeo ERA.  This will mean getting your property in Sengkang sold at higher prices and at faster speed.

Advanced Property Photography Visuals

A Picture says a Thousand Words.  Good property photo visuals can capture the hearts of buyers.

There are so many units selling in the market.  Your Property Agent or Real Estate Agent needs to know how to let your Property stand out from the crowd.  He needs to bring out the Best Potential out of your property and showcase it to the buyers.  This will maximise the selling price and getting your property sold at the fastest possible time.

S.K.Yeo has years of experience of serving Sellers & Buyers as a Property Agent.  He know what buyers want and he will “look through” the eyes of a buyer. And he knows where to take photos, which angle, and what to showcase to the buyers.  To bring out the Best Potential of your unit.  The above are some of the photos to highlight some of the key selling points of a unit he successfully sold at Record Price.

Many Testimonials for S.K.Yeo ERA

Customer's Interest comes First 

Every Property has its strengths and weakness, and every owner's priority, timeline and next housing options are different.  Each client has his own unique set of financials and circumstances. 

S.K.Yeo tailor custom-made planning and marketing strategies according to the specific needs of the customers, and characteristics of the property.  

One of the most important criteria of the property agent or the real estate agent is that he or she must act professionally for your Best Interest.   For the owner, it would mean Peace of mind to have someone who would be always on their side and assist them in every aspect of the sale process.

Besides getting the highest possible price, for those who needs to do both buying and selling together, S.K.Yeo will negotiate for possible extension stay on behalf of the owner.  This will save the owner the hassle of moving 2 times and having to rent a temporary place.

Engaging S.K.Yeo as your Sengkang Property Agent means leveraging on his vast experience and knowledge of Selling a Property.  It will be absolutely Worry-free for you as he will handle all details, heavy liftings, processes of your property sale for you.  Timeline, Planning, Preparation, Marketing, Buyer Qualifications, Viewing, Objection Handling, Negotiation, Administration, Submission, Processing, Completion and finally Handover.   All tailor-made to your needs and done professionally with regular reporting and updates.

PROVEN SALES TRACK RECORDS & STRATEGIES TO GET YOUR SENGKANG PROPERTY SOLD.  Contact S.K.Yeo ERA at 93667373 for a non-obligatory discussion/whatsapp chat now ! 

If you are currently selling your unit with another agent and you have the following issues, you can contact S.K.Yeo ERA.

TMultiple Award Winner




16 Years Experience

Call S.K.Yeo Today.  No obligation means you can choose not to engage S.K.Yeo if you find him not suitable.  Absolutely No questions asked.  If your property is not sold, you do not need to pay S.K.Yeo a single cent !  No Hidden Cost !  No Upfront Fees !  Free Enquiries.  

Contact S.K.Yeo ERA today

If you have no agent and have intention of selling your unit, and you have following questions, just contact S.K.Yeo ERA for a free chat / discussion.  (no obligation).


6TH TOP PRODUCER in May 2009

2ND TOP PRODUCER in June 2009

10th TOP PRODUCER in Aug 2009

15TH out of 7000 AGENTS, 2009


TOP 100 ACHIEVERS in 2010

30TH TOP PRODUCER in May 2011

TOP 100 ACHIEVERS in 2011
















S.K.Yeo was also featured on Mediacorp Channel U and independent ThreeBestRated website.  


Looking for Best 

Sengkang Property Agent

S.K.Yeo has been gone through certification for Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist for Paid Traffic Mastery by Digital Marketer and Facebook Audience Customisation and Content Hacker.

Mdm Tan, Sold Resale HDB Flat and bought Punggol BTO.

"那时候,听了我的朋友的话,用了她介绍的经纪人。 用错人,浪费我很多时间。 早认识你就好,我的屋子就会早卖出去。好彩找到你帮我卖出去!

I have made a mistake of hiring my friend’s agent, she wasted alot of my time.   if i have known you earlier, my flat would have been sold much earlier.  Anyway, i am still lucky to engage you as my agent and you sold off my flat for me."

Mr & Mrs Lee, Sold Punggol HDB Flat and Buying Condo.

"感谢你杨先生帮我们卖掉屋子! 强力推荐!非常高效率与专业!“

"Thanks S.K.Yeo Highly recommended for being so efficient and professional. "

Mr & Mrs Diego, Sold Sengkang HDB Flat and Bought BTO Punggol HDB.

"When I received a letter from HDB to collect the key of my new BTO early May 2021, it also means that I need to start selling off my then 5-room HDB home in Sengkang quickly within 6 months. 

And SK is the right answer to my needs. SK is very professional, well organized, and always make sure that we are understand, well updated, and well prepared in attracting the potential buyers with the right price offering, and in navigating through the sale process. 

And SK is also highly well-versed in Sengkang - Punggol area. And his magic works, my unit was then sold-off on the first viewing, at a good price. The sale process went smooth and completed within 3 months after that first viewing. 

Happy to deal with SK. I highly recommend SK for any prospective sellers/buyers, especially in Sengkang - Punggol area."

Aaron & Sharon, Sold Punggol HDB Flat.

"We wish to send in our feedback and commend agent SK.Yeo (杨顺锦) for his excellent services provided to us in the sale of our HDB.  Agent Yeo was efficient, patient and knowledgeable throughout the sale process of our HDB flat. 

With just one viewing, we managed to find a suitable buyer ahead of our expected timeline! He was prompt and responsive to our queries, had always put our interests first and assisted us with negotiating favorable terms with the buyer. 

We were very pleased with his services in the resale process.  S.K.Yeo is an exceptional agent whom we highly recommend to when one is looking for a trustworthy, honest and professional housing agent. "

Mr & Mrs Chen, Sold Sengkang HDB Flat and Bought Resale Condo.

Many years ago, S.K.Yeo sold Chen's first resale flat in Woodlands.  They bought a BTO flat at Sengkang Compassvale. After 5 years Minimum Occupation Period, they engaged S.K.Yeo again to sell their Sengkang Flat and upgrade to resale Condo.  All successfully transacted and smoothly completed. 

"Helped us to sell 2 houses. Reliable housing agent ^-^  帮我们卖掉了2个屋子. 可靠的房屋中介^-^ "

Mr Suman, Sold Sengkang HDB Flat and Bought Resale HDB.

"Hi I recently sold my flat and my best agent was Mr S.K.Yeo he found the seller to bought my house so fast and efficient time and I manage to sell off.  

He was so professional ,helpful, patience, dedicated in his line.  I would strongly recommend to everyone to engage him as your agent. most trusted and you will never regret engaging him as your agent. 

Mr Yeo, once again thanks for your kind service and you are the best."

Mr & Mrs Ang, Contra Sengkang HDB Flat and Bought Resale HDB.

"SK is consistent as what he is known for, he will persevere to do his best with confidence in spite of challenges. He will also go to great length to see through his transactions, providing useful efforts and info even beyond his scopes, so that we can settle down in new location without much hitches. 

With his uplifting and 'never say die' attitudes, we are assured that our transaction is in good hands, and with these, he had inspired us as his clients, at a personal level, in our own endeavours too. "

Sengkang is located at the North-Eastern Region of Singapore, sharing boundaries with Punggol and Hougang.   Sengkang's first HDB flats at Rivervale were completed in 1997, followed by property developments in Compassvale & Anchorvale and then Fernvale.   

Each of these 4 neighbourhood areas in Sengkang has its own unique characteristics, charm and amenities.

If you are looking for the Best Sengkang Property Agent / Real Estate Agent to assist you in the sale of your property (HDB / EC / Condo) in Sengkang,  there are many good reasons to engage S.K.Yeo ERA, a resident property agent who has been staying in Sengkang since 1999.  Sengkang is his home ground !

S.K.Yeo ERA is a Sengkang Resident Property Agent who helps owners sell their property in Sengkang with Ease and Best Interest for the Sellers.



Graduated from N.U.S

Sengkang Resident for 20+ Years

Sold many Properties in Sengkang

Experienced in Contra Sell & Buy cases

Handle cases involve Divorce & Death  

Many Satisfied Customer Reviews