Mr Willie, Sold Sengkang HDB Flat, Bought BTO.

Mr & Mrs Xiao, Sold Sengkang HDB Flat, Bought BTO.

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For 16+ years of his real estate career, S.K.Yeo has helped many clients to sell & buy properties.  

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If you have a HDB unit in Sengkang & Punggol, 

and have the intention to sell, 

Contact S.K.Yeo ERA at 93663737.


No Hidden Costs.  No Upfront Fees. 

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Will not charge a single cent if the property is not Sold yet.   

In the event that you decide to not to engage us, 

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to our clients.

Mr & Mrs Loke, Sold Hougang HDB Flat and Bought Condo.

Previously Mr & Mrs Loke has got another property agent, he didnt managed to sell their unit after many months.  

They were recommended by their family member to contact S.K.Yeo,   After engaging S.K.Yeo, he advised them to use adjustment strategy that enabled them a quick sale. 

" S.K. presented our house very well, and we were able to sell our EA within 2 weeks. I would definitely introduce him to my friends as he is professional and friendly. "

Mr & Mrs Ang, Contra Sengkang HDB Flat and Bought Resale HDB.

"SK is consistent as what he is known for, he will persevere to do his best with confidence in spite of challenges. He will also go to great length to see through his transactions, providing useful efforts and info even beyond his scopes, so that we can settle down in new location without much hitches. 

With his uplifting and 'never say die' attitudes, we are assured that our transaction is in good hands, and with these, he had inspired us as his clients, at a personal level, in our own endeavours too. "

Mr & Mrs Diego, Sold Sengkang HDB Flat and Bought BTO Punggol HDB.

"When I received a letter from HDB to collect the key of my new BTO early May 2021, it also means that I need to start selling off my then 5-room HDB home in Sengkang quickly within 6 months. 

And SK is the right answer to my needs. SK is very professional, well organized, and always make sure that we are understand, well updated, and well prepared in attracting the potential buyers with the right price offering, and in navigating through the sale process. 

And SK is also highly well-versed in Sengkang - Punggol area. And his magic works, my unit was then sold-off on the first viewing, at a good price. The sale process went smooth and completed within 3 months after that first viewing. 

Happy to deal with SK. I highly recommend SK for any prospective sellers/buyers, especially in Sengkang - Punggol area."

Mr & Mrs Low, Sold Punggol HDB Flat and Bought Punggol Resale HDB.

"我的屋子找了两个都卖不出去,最后找到杨先生和杨太太,终于把我的屋子卖掉了,他们夫妻很专业,有时间观念,有责任感,很有耐心,真的很赞,,我家人都很开心能遇到这样好的房屋经纪卖房子,一定要找他们,绝不后悔。 最后在此再次感谢 杨先生和杨太太  祝福你们全家 平安快乐。 

Previously I found two other agents to help me sell my house, but they couldn’t sell it.  

Finally, I found Mr & Mrs Yeo and they finally sold my house. This husband and wife team are very professional, have a sense of time, have a sense of responsibility, and are very patient. They are really awesome! My family is very happy to meet such a good agent. 

if you want to sell your house, you must look for them and you'll never regret it. Finally, thank you again Mr & Mrs Yeo. "

Mr & Mrs Chen, Sold Sengkang HDB Flat and Bought Resale Condo.

Many years ago, S.K.Yeo sold Chen's first resale flat in Woodlands.  They bought a BTO flat at Sengkang Compassvale. After 5 years Minimum Occupation Period, they engaged S.K.Yeo again to sell their Sengkang BTO Flat and upgrade to resale Condo.  All successfully and smoothly completed. 

"Helped us to sell 2 houses. Reliable housing agent ^-^  帮我们卖掉了2个屋子. 可靠的房屋中介^-^ "

S.K.Yeo has READY BUYERS on hand.





Mr & Mrs Teo, Sold Hougang HDB Flat and bought New HDB BTO.

"Mr. Yeo is a very knowledgeable, professional, helpful and friendly agent. He always trying to help and advise his clients even beyond his scope. I will not hesitate to recommend him to any of my friends who need the service."

Vincent & Belinda, Sold Sengkang HDB Flat and bought New Condo.

"I would like to highlight the extreme professionalism and detailed care that Mr S.K. Yeo has shown to us in helping us handle the sale of our first home. Right from the beginning, he guided us through the necessary steps and managed the timeline for our move. The experience Mr S.K. Yeo brought with him, coupled with his humble approach and disposition, went a long way to ensure everyone was satisfied with the outcome of the transaction.

Last but not least, we would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to Mr S.K. Yeo for his dedication, prompt service, and quick follow-up actions to accede to our requests. His wealth of experience and customer-oriented approach makes him an excellent, reliable agent who could be trusted to do his best."

Kevin & Angela, Sold Punggol HDB Flat and bought Resale HDB.

"Being a specialist in the Punggol/Sengkang area, we were convinced he has the knowledge and experience to market our property in the best possible manner.

Throughout the period that he was marketing our unit, he has proven to be a very efficient, responsive and professional realtor. He keeps us updated in advance of viewings and does his best to coordinate viewings to the convenience of both buyers and sellers. He is very resourceful and has a vast network of co-agent colleagues and ready buyers, so that our unit receives the maximal exposure.

He fights tirelessly for the highest price possible and is a shrewd negotiator, while keeping his clients in the loop constantly. Due to his diligence, he has assisted us to run errands to HDB Hub, collected cheques and deposited them on our behalf, all of them done without us having to worry.

Mr SK Yeo and his wife work hand in hand, complementing each other seamlessly. They are always contactable, even when they are overseas, they would make arrangements to look after our interests and always putting their customers first. When you engage them, you are actually getting two agents to look after your needs but paying only one commission.  In summary, Mr SK Yeo and his wife make an outstanding team. We strongly recommend them if you need a realtor who is highly responsive, efficient, knowledgeable, courteous and professional for your housing needs.

Mr & Mrs Kalamogan, Sold HDB Flat and Bought Resale HDB.

He is very responsible and diligent person.He goes all the way out and work professionally.  When we are doubt, he will come and clear our doubts.He almost spent hours to work out our financial status and explain very clearly.

He even takes his time even to the cpf board to check our status of selling our flat with us. He is very helpful and always attend to our inquiry without any hesitation. He is a very sincere and dedicated to ERA. We will not hesitate to recommend to any clients who wish to sell their flats.He sold our five room flat as we ask the price and did his best to get the price we asked.we wish all the best to Mr .S.K.Yeo.

Mr & Mrs Lee, Sold Punggol HDB Flat and Buying Condo.

"感谢你杨先生帮我们卖掉屋子! 强力推荐!非常高效率与专业!“

"Thanks S.K.Yeo Highly recommended for being so efficient and professional. "

Mr & Mrs Ng, Sold Sengkang HDB Flat and Bought Resale HDB.

I googled and chanced upon SK Yeo while on a lookout for an agent to market and sell my unit. Being a first time seller, there were questions and doubts which I am not sure of and having chatted with a few agents, SK was among the few who is friendly and patient in answering my questions. 

And so we decided to engage his service. He did not take too long to sell our unit. After sold, he constantly keep us updated of the selling progress, help us keep track of the timeline and drop us reminder to get certain things done. He also offer help in my buying process when I told him I am stuck with the application. 

Overall, I would say it was a smooth transaction from beginning to completion. Thank you so much SK :)

Aaron & Sharon, Sold Punggol HDB Flat.

"We wish to send in our feedback and commend agent SK.Yeo (杨顺锦) for his excellent services provided to us in the sale of our HDB.  Agent Yeo was efficient, patient and knowledgeable throughout the sale process of our HDB flat. 

With just one viewing, we managed to find a suitable buyer ahead of our expected timeline! He was prompt and responsive to our queries, had always put our interests first and assisted us with negotiating favorable terms with the buyer. 

We were very pleased with his services in the resale process.  S.K.Yeo is an exceptional agent whom we highly recommend to when one is looking for a trustworthy, honest and professional housing agent. "

Mr Suman, Sold Sengkang HDB Flat and Bought Resale HDB.

"Hi I recently sold my flat and my best agent was Mr S.K.Yeo he found the seller to bought my house so fast and efficient time and I manage to sell off.  

He was so professional ,helpful, patience, dedicated in his line.  I would strongly recommend to everyone to engage him as your agent. most trusted and you will never regret engaging him as your agent. 

Mr Yeo, once again thanks for your kind service and you are the best."

Ms Sharon, bought Resale Sengkang HDB.

"If you are looking for an agent, I would highly recommend S.K.Yeo. S.K. Yeo is a very professional, reliable, helpful and trusted agent. 

For a novice like me, he was very patient in sharing his experiences and answering all my queries. He is not pushy like other agents and you will not be stressed out. 

We are glad and fortunate to have him guiding and providing us sound advices throughout the process. Thank you so much for the pleasant experience, S.K. Yeo."

Mdm Tan, Sold Resale HDB Flat and bought Punggol BTO.

"那时候,听了我的朋友的话,用了她介绍的经纪人。 用错人,浪费我很多时间。 早认识你就好,我的屋子就会早卖出去。好彩找到你帮我卖出去!

I have made a mistake of hiring my friend’s agent, she wasted alot of my time.   if i have known you earlier, my flat would have been sold much earlier.  Anyway, i am still lucky to engage you as my agent and you sold off my flat for me."

Mr & Mrs Fu, Sold Resale Sengkang HDB Flat.

Mr Tan, Sold Resale Punggol HDB Flat.

Mr & Mrs Ong, Sold Punggol HDB Flat, Bought Punggol Resale.

Peter & Terrese, Sold Sengkang HDB Flat, Bought Resale.

Mdm Goh & Christine, Sold HDB Resale Flat, Bought BTO.

Mdm Shariffa, Sold Resale HDB Flat.

Mr & Mrs Siah, Sold Resale HDB Flat, Bought BTO.

Mr & Mrs Low, Sold Resale HDB Flat, Bought Resale Flat.

Mr & Mrs Lim, Sold Sengkang HDB Flat.

Mr & Mrs Goh, Sold Resale HDB Flat, Bought BTO.

Mdm Ho, Sold Sengkang HDB, Bought Punggol Resale HDB.

Mr & Mrs Hoo, Sold Sengkang HDB Flat, Bought BTO.

Alan & Janet Sold Resale HDB Flat.

Mr & Mrs See, Sold Sengkang HDB Flat, Bought Resale Flat.

Ms Flora, Sold Sengkang HDB Flat, Bought EC.

Mr & Mrs Poh, Sold Resale HDB Flat, Bought BTO.

Ms Carolin Brooks, Sold Sengkang HDB Flat, Moved Overseas.

Mr & Mrs Chang, Sold Resale HDB Flat, Bought BTO.

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